Youth and Teachers Technology

The technology training gives youth an advantage


At BETM youth and Teachers will gain Technology Skills while utilizing Games Applications. Teacher Training Tools utilizing Microsoft Office 

  ( Reading, Math, Language, Mental Stimulation and Relaxation) i.e. Microsoft Mindsweeper 



Teachers will learn latest research findings on effective professional development models from MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educator) Specialist. Teachers will learn professional development including needs assessments, adaptable training material and evaluation tools.

Enhancing skills all while having fun


Through the introduction of coding early on youth will have a competitive edge in the future

Building a passion for computers early

This type of training is vital because in the 21st century technology is on the rise. Our society needs computer competent individuals in order to compete with the artificial intelligence i.e. automated phone service 

21st century youth


Youth have an advantage when it comes to learning and understanding technology and computers because they were born in the era where these things are almost a necessity. Technology use is on the rise from automated phone systems, to self-check out at the register etc. Older generations didn't have a need to utilize these things because it was non-existent during their time. 


  • Youth need more access to working and updated computers in schools.
  • Some families due to poverty do not own computers